Our feelings become attached to the images safely kept away in our parents basements, that old photo a friend has of you, aren't they priceless now that the moment is gone? Boy how did time fly  with out warning right? You may smile, cry, or even wonder why you made the choices you made in the past and will try to wrap your head around the idea of time and life.

Our feelings, thoughts, and emotions, all the beauty that surrounded us kept safely intact in a photograph. A way to re-live our past. When our days have come and gone our photos become our legacy to our children. For this reason I am now only offering the Keepsake Collection below.


Keepsake Collection (Newborns, Family, Portraits)

  • Pre-Session Consultation via phone, email, or in person
  • $260 Sitting Fee (1/2  due to at booking remainder prior to session)
  • Post-Session photo proofing
  • Sample products showcased during proofing to help you select your future wall arts, albums, framed prints, cards etc.
  • Gift Print 8x10 image of your choice
  • Spending totals vary depending on goods ordered 



  • Please email us at for information
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  • Refer two of your friends and reduce your Sitting fee to only $160 ! (Both friends must book and pay retainer fee to redeem this offer)