We conserve love through memory, emotions, and photographs.


Some of the life's greatest treasures are the memories stored in our hearts. We spend hours and days remembering and re-living each moment that once filled us with joy. Join me in capturing these memories for a more lively remembrance of our most prized moments in life.

 Khalo Photography by B.E.P.



Blanca E. Perez, Dallas Texas photographer from Mexico. Passionate, kind, and ready to preserve your most valued memories.

I am a busy mother of two little angels a 10 year old boy and a 17 month old little girl. I love the roots and cultures of everyone and am always trying to learn about everything I can.


wedding & portraits

I specialize in weddings and portraits simply because there is nothing better in this life than love. Being able to document the love felt between two is amazing to me. Portrait sessions explore the relationship between individuals and or just one. I can see so much more than a face through my camera you would be amazed! So much beauty carried within the soul.