Becca, David, and little Levi.

      Love moves mountains. A small promise with such profound meaning. Love brings out the best and worst in us. It is what brings families together. Just take a second and think about your great grandparents. Your entire family of 20  plus people were all created from that small four letter word, that promise.

Now days technology makes it easier to stay in touch. I personally would have never known a lot of cousins, aunts, and family in Mexico if it weren't for Facebook. The beginnings of social media for myself and many others out there was MySpace. Who remembers MySpace?! Editing your profile was like getting a new haircut. Like shedding your skin and jumping into a new chapter of your life. Setting that song you identified with as your profile song had a very deep meaning. Okay maybe I was the only nerd that read too deep into things but  lets be honest! Many of us checked our crushes profile regularly and god forbid they had a girl as the #1 on their top ten friends! Keeping tabs on comments, chatting away, sending subtle hints their way. Wasn't that fun!?

Becca and David probably shared that with me. From previously dating and breaking up in 7th grade they chatted on MySpace 7 years later! They finally actually went out on a date that didn't quite go as planned but became an official couple thereafter. I must mention David serenaded Becca under the stars in his truck he sang "Your body is a wonderland"  by John Meyers. I will quote Becca, "Pretty intense huh? ". 

They were later separated as Becca moved 8 hours away in 2007. However David was persistent and in love. They had a long distance relationship for four years. In 2011 after Becca had graduated and returned home David surprised her by driving her to an empty parking lot. He pulled out a brown wooden box (built by him). On the back all of their memorable meaningful dates were engraved including that day. So Mr. Romantic pulled out a small box from his coat. It was a ring! Of course Becca said YES! David had previously asked her father for her hand in marriage prior to her arrival. Pretty smooth huh?   

Becca and David could not be happier to have little Levi in their arms after three years of marriage. Becca was previously diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) making it difficult for them to conceive. God heard their prayers and blessed them with their little bundle of love. They are one of the sweetest couples I have met. Mr. Romantic isn't only a romantic guy during Levi's session he took care of basically everything as his wife was still recovering from giving birth. It is the sweetest thing for me to see. Dad was my assistant holding and helping me with Levi throughout his shoot and was quick to change diapers and help mom get comfortable.

Pregnancy can take a toll on us women emotionally, physically, and mentally however, there is no better remedy than a helpful husband, best friend, amazing father and soul mate. 

I always say I love my clients and while many may think it's bizarre and an empty statement. It's not. They are truly amazing people I get to meet everyday. And I'm so honored to be part of such important and amazing moments in their life's.